Project Description

The Arneg Air System is an exclusive Arneg patent for closed vertical refrigerated cabinets. No more defrosting, 37% less energy consumption and constant food temperature make this technology a one-of-a-kind innovation.

Arneg Air System is a special air circulation system for refrigerated compartments that uses dynamic air blades to optimise energy efficiency. Food products are stored within a temperature range that never exceeds 2°C for any operating condition.


  • Energy saving: total energy consumption is reduced by up to 37% compared to equivalent standard models.
  • No defrosting: cabinet evaporators never frost up thanks to a minimum evaporation temperature of 0°C.
  • Healthier food products: with no defrosting needed, food products are not subjected to fluctuation in temperature.

The Arneg Air System can be applied to both remote and plug-in closed vertical refrigerated cabinets.