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Cooling more and costing less.

EcoChill delivers natural refrigeration solution that cools more pallets while saving 36% in energy costs.

Turners and Growers kiwifruit site in Northland (formerly Kerifresh) needed a new solution to future proof its refrigeration technology, as it faced operational and financial risk with changing legislation phasing out the R22 synthetic refrigerant the site operated on. Realising this was a perfect opportunity to add value the site went with an EcoChill Kiwi solution -a natural refrigerant secondary system.

The project included the refurbishment and recommissioning to optimal performance of old, existing R22 kiwifruit cool stores to a lower GWP synthetic refrigerant, plus the design and build of new stores operating on an EcoChill HC/ Glycol secondary natural refrigerant system. This created perfect conditions for comparing old and new technology.

Not only did the new systems meet environmental objectives but reduced ongoing operating costs through reductions in refrigerant charge and costs. The stores also reduced energy use creating further savings while increasing capacity and improving product quality.

Storage (pallets) Cost to Cool
(per pallet per day)
% Improvement
 R22  840  $0.34  Baseline
EcoChill Kiwi 864 $0.25 36%

Project Details


March 14th, 2016


T&G Global Limited

  • R22 Replacement: Low GWP  System Conversion and Upgrade.
  • New Design and Build: Naturals Secondary System.

EcoChill Kiwi – Secondary System.

RDM Controllers and Energy Management.

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