Project Description

200-1,000kW Hydrocarbon Chiller Packages

Purpose built packaged solutions suitable for process cooling and engineered to operate on Hydrocarbon refrigerants.
Supply includes an integrated control package providing stand-alone data and monitoring functionality, with alarm features and remote device including smartphone access.
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Product Details


Process Cooler


200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700
800k, 900 and 1000kW


Process Cooling, Produce, Fruit and Vegetable Storage, High Humidity Applications, Food Processing, Manufacturing.


Typical features include:

  • Semi-hermetic compressors.
  • Minimum operating charge circuits.
  • High efficiency heat exchangers.
  • Electronic expansion valves.
  • EC fans.
  • Electronic leak detection.
  • Micropipe condensors.
  • Integrated PLC controls and emergency shutdown systems.
  • Temperature sensors

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