The future of on-farm dairy cooling is here, naturally.

Better performance, better milk, better for farmers and better for the planet.

  • Eco2Dairy provides proven, reliable and safe cooling performace that future proofs your investment against the increasing cost and supply risk of current refrigerant technology.
  • Patented, rapid cooling technology cools milk from pulldown to just 2⁰C degrees almost instantly.
  • Faster cooldown means better returns, as producers are able to exceed New Zealand compliance and quality requirements with less wastage and higher value yields.
  • Even further operational savings are achieved through energy efficiency and heat reclaim recovery, delivering free hot water to 80 degrees.

    Future proof your cooling investment.

    Current on-farm cooling technology uses synthetic refrigerants that are being phased down and face increasing cost and supply risks.
    Eco2Dairy provides the world’s first on-farm natural refrigerant solution that dramatically decreases direct and indirect emissions, while future proofing your cooling investment.

    2° milk into the vat – without freezing.

    Don’t wait hours for milk to be at compliance temperature.
    Unlike conventional cooling systems, Eco2Dairy delivers milk into the vat at 2° almost instantly.
    With increasing demands on cooling compliance and the opportunities for higher yields and better quality milk for milk cooled quickly, Eco2Dairy delivers 21st Century cooling performance consistently and reliably.

    Lower operational costs.

    Eco2Dairy delivers ongoing lower operational costs.
    With on farm cooling one of the largest energy uses for dairy farms Eco2Dairy uses less energy input, is more efficient and through its heat recovery system, provides hot water up to 80°C, without additional energy input. By using a natural refrigerant, CO2, Eco2Dairy also protects dairy farmers from the rising costs of the common HFC synthetic refrigerants in use across the dairy industry.

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    Never loose sight of what’s important.

    Using the latest in controls technology Eco2Dairy delivers the ability to view and control your cooling performance,
    wherever you are.

    Wi-Fi capable, the on-line cooling portal provides cooling data and temperature reports with automatic text and email alerts of issues.

    Technical support is immediately on hand, as cooling technicians have 24/7 instant access for diagnostic and fault finding, meaning less system down time and on-farm call outs.