CET in the News: R744.com

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New Zealand Company Introduces ‘World’s First’ On-Farm CO2 Milk Cooling. R744.com New Zealand Company Introduces ‘World’s First’ On-Farm CO2 Milk Cooling The patented R744 Eco2Dairy system has been developed by Auckland-based Cold Energy Technology and includes heat recovery.

Patented Technology With The Potential To Transform The Dairy Industry

2021-09-01T19:41:48+12:00August 4th, 2021|HFC Phasedown, News, Refrigerant|

Wednesday, 4 August 2021, 6:38 am Available on Scoop. Cooling is estimated to account for a staggering 13% of total global emissions. With New Zealand committed to net zero emissions by 2050, there is no question that this essential practice must undergo revolutionary changes to become sustainable. Introducing Eco2Dairy; Cold Energy Technology’s latest piece of

Refrigerant Recovery

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Cold Energy Technology is proud to support the Refrigerant Recovery Trust and support the safe disposal of surplus synthetic refrigerants to minimise their effect on the environment. The Refrigerant Recovery Trust (RECOVERY) was formed in 1993 to promote and facilitate the collection, storage and disposal of surplus refrigerant gases used in refrigeration and air-conditioning and

What the F gas is going on?

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Making sense of synthetic refrigerants and their replacements. For those that may have missed it the world of synthetic refrigerants is undergoing pretty significant changes. Increasing global pressure from consumers and regulators on fluorinated or F-Gases has meant significant scrutiny of the effect of halocarbons on the environment. Halocarbons are gases often used as refrigerants

Earth Day 22 April 2021: How refrigerant choice affects climate change.

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EARTH DAY 22nd April 2021 This #EarthDay, while the coronavirus (COVID-19) has been spreading around the world and dominating news headlines, thoughts and attention, the need to take climate action has remained as urgent as ever. The theme of Earth Day 2021 is "Restore Our Earth". Climate change is occurring at an alarming

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